Volunteer and Make A Difference With The Skills You Already Have

So you’re a professional and you’re good at what you do but you want to make a real difference. Why not use those skills for a cause you believe in. If you're an individual with a skill of any sort and want to use it to improve the continent, then get in touch.  We're looking for every skill but to give you an idea of what we mean, here a non-exhaustive list:  teachers/tutors, social media experts, accountants, business consultants, fundraisers, project managers, engineers, event managers, computer scientists, small business owners and much more. If you have a skill we will find a use for it.


About Vemoye

We are a people-led movement to build Africa by developing the education sector. We work alongside education-focused charities in Africa and help them maximise their impact by leveraging the diaspora’s skills and resources.


Responsibilities (Please note the following responsibilities will be divided among the team so please let us know what part you would be interested in doing)

  • Support new organisations based on your field of expertise


What’s in it for you?

  • It’s an opportunity to help the African continent by using all this knowledge that you’ve acquired without having to leave the country you reside in. You can make a difference right where you are.  

  • It’s an opportunity to broaden your experience. Working on African focused projects is a whole new experience and this will add a few more notches to your belt.  

  • It’s also a great thing to add to your CV.


Hours: Ad hoc (You can set the time based on your availability)


Thanks for submitting!